Eat The Wind by Human Behavior is out now. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes with full-color covers. Includes an insert and digital download card. Co-released with Diet Pop Records.

dove hounds promo pic

Freddy Ruppert "Dove Hounds (American Tragedies)" cassette is out now. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes with letter pressed covers.


The Whitman / Quem Quaeritis "Tacos Like E'ryday / Taco Party" split cassingle is out now. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes housed in full-color O-cards with artwork by Brian Blomerth.

2013 has been one of the most productive years in the history of the label and we can't thank everyone enough who was a part of it and who has supported the label over the years.

folktale 2013

We have some great things in store for the coming year, a few of which include: a Whitman / Quem Quaeritis split cassingle, Freddy Ruppert "Dove Hounds (American Tragedies)" cassette, a Simon Joyner / Lonnie Methe split 7", and a Folktale ten year anniversary 12" compilation.


The Whitman / Former Ghosts split 7" will be out on Tuesday, December 17th and is available to order now. It's a one time pressing of 330 records, half on black vinyl and half on white.

Check out the new Human Behavior music video...

We have two new releases...

smut books

Smut, a book written by Al Jamal (author of Terro(a)r), fully illustrated by Christopher Payne, with a download of a soundtrack by J. Noir (Alak).

roco jet records

The debut 7" by Roco Jet, the new collaboration by Nora Keyes (The Centimeters, Fancy Space People) and Jimi Cabeza (Cabeza De Vaca Orchestra, Dios).

We now have turntable slipmats. Watch the trailer...

Human Behavior's "Golgotha" is available now on both CD and LP.

Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 5.18.12 PM


Check out this incredible music video by Human Behavior, for one of the songs off "Golgotha".

We now have Folktale tote bags available. You can purchase them individually or for half the price if you fill it with any three LP's.


Folktale Fest IV

This years Folktale Fest will be held on Monday, June 17th at Pehrspace in Los Angeles.


The Greatest Hits of John Thill : Volume II LP's are finished and available in the store.

Thill LP picture


Folktale will be a part of an exibition in San Paulo, Brazil on May 15th. For more information, visit the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.

We have a new release out now. It's called "Smashed 40 : Slummer Jams" and it contains 40 artists doing their take on Top 40 hits. It's a couble cassette release that comes housed in a clear cassette album with full-color artwork by Brian Blomerth. It includes a digital download and a sticker. Limited to 300 copies.

Slimmer jams photo

Ezra Buchla has released his first solo, full-length LP, on the German based label Care of Editions. To order a copy, or find out more about it, click HERE.

Though it's hard to believe we haven't done this yet, we are proud to bring you the first Folktale Records shirts ever. Designed by the incredible, Los Angeles based artist, Meagan Boyd. Each of these shirts are uniquely dyed a collison of colors and silk screened in dark red ink.


We have two new releases.


Scarf's debut cassette "Arf Arf Arf". An edition of 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes with two-color risograph printed covers.


Our first book publication. A collection of poetry and prose written by Hillal Omar Al Jamal (Brother Mitya) which is fully illustrated by Kristina Collantes. (You can dowload a free sampler PDF with 20 of the 60 pages in the store.)

Scarf will be playing the Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Id. in March along with a ton of other bands. More details on that HERE. You can get their cassette from them then or order it from us now in the store. Also, here is a clip of them from the Bands Of The 208 documentary...

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Here is a new music video of Anni Rossi performing "Last Christmas"...

We have three new releases...

Ezra Buchla / Whitman split 7". This is a limited pressing of 330 records (220 on black vinyl and 110 on translucent red). There is a really nice review of this record on Ad Hoc, which you can see HERE.


Foot Ox "Music Without Words" cassette. A limited pressing of 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes with hand painted covers.

Foot Ox Tapes

"Dust Unsettled: Ten Years Of Whitman" CD. This CD is a ten year anniversary release for Whitman that contains songs collected from various split artist releases, compilations, cassettes, and a couple un-released recordings.


Jon Barba, the man behind the project Nicole Kidman, has started a record label of his own called Your Warmth and has plenty of upcoming releases worth getting excited about.

we have two new releases.

Whitman's "Dog Rose Gall" CD/LP...



Brother Mitya and Friends "The Terror" 7"...

terror seven inch

Whitman just released a music video for "Give Up" which was directed by Cora Foxx. Check it out... just did a really nice interview with Whitman. Check it out HERE.

We have three new releases...

we have the LP version of Whitman's "I'll Be Waiting". A limited pressing of 300 records (200 on black vinyl and 100 on blue), which was co-released by our friends olFactory, Talking Helps, and Am Discs.


We also have Jon Barba's "Sleep" 7". A limited pressing of 300, co-released with Silencio Recordings.


And a very limited single-sided lathe-cut 7" by John Thill, entitled "Young Dumb Drugs". This record is limited to only 20 copies and comes housed in screen-printed box with 25 candles...

thill lathe 2

Anni Rossi just did an awesome cover of "Rude Boy" by Rhianna which you can DOWNLOAD HERE. She also has new album out on 3 Syllables Records

No Babies have a full length record out on Upset! The Rhythm. This is huge. More on that HERE.

Erika Anderson, formerly of Gowns, has begun playing solo as EMA. She just released an amazing video for her song "California" from her new album on Souterrain Transmissons. Check it out...

Nicole Kidman and Kevin Greenspon have a new music video. Check it out here:

We just released a limited edition version of the "Don't Be Afraid of Where You Live" LP by No Paws (No Lions) which has a screen printed B-side and is limited to only 30 copies. Check out the store page for more information and have a look at the picture below:


John Thill's "President of Happiness" cassette is out now:


This is our first pro-made cassette and we are really excited about it.

Animal Psi wrote a review of the Whitman / No Babies split 5". You can read it on their website HERE.

There is a really nice write up/interview about Folktale, Folktale Fest and Whitman up on You can see it if you CLICK HERE.

Sean Carnage made a really awesome mini-documentary about Nicole Kidman, check it out here...

Splinter Cake now has a music that was made by fellow Folktale artist Whitman during Splinter Cake's recent visit to LA. The video is punk, lo-fi and gritty, as you might expect...

Whitman and Clark 8 collaborated to make one hell of a pop song called "Taco's Like E'ryday". The song was just released digitally and can be found on ITUNES, AMAZON and the like, but they also made this really awesome music video for it that you should watch:

Clark 8 just posted a collection of ten new recordings online, which you can download for a donation of your choosing, or just listen to for free. Check it out HERE.

Nicole Kidman recently gave an amazing performance at Pehrspace in Los Angeles. This set ended with a new song entitled "I Don't Wanna Die" in which a couple members of the band Pizza! joined him (his first live musical collaboration). I couldn't think of a better way to end the night or his set. He never stops blowing our minds and couldn't help but share this with you. There's a great reveiw of this performace, which you can read HERE. You can also see a video of the song here:

It breaks my heart to announce that after five years, Gowns have decided to call it quits. I remember attending their first show, and have had the pleasure of putting out their first release (Dangers Of Intimacy, which was just re-released on vinyl and can be found in our store). I also happened to see their last performance, which was not planned to be a final show and in many ways wasn't much of a musical performance at all. In the end though, it is very sad to see them go. However, they leave us with a final release; an epic 17 minute track called "Stand and Encounter" that was intended for their next album. This track can be downloaded for free off of Erika Anderson's blog (which also talks more in depth on the bands break up). You can visit her site HERE.

In better news, Knight Rider just posted a video for their song "Dancing Together" from the lathe-cut 7" we released for them. You can check out here:

. . . .